Reiki Treatments

Reiki Treatments are available for all ages.  Reiki is suitable for use alongside conventional medical treatments, and is suitable for both physical and emotional problems.

During a treatment the client lies fully clothed wrapped in blankets.  The Practitioner will use their hands on and off the body to allow the energy to flow where it is most needed.  The treatment usually lasts an hour.

The client often achieves a state of complete relaxation.  They draw as much energy as they need at that moment in time.

Mary's treament room at her home in Chippenham is relaxing with candles lit and gentle music playing.

One treatment would be enough for a relaxation treat but a series of treatments may be needed for a particular problem.  Treatments are £30.00, and all are by appointment only.  Please telephone or email for more details or to book an appointment.


I have been having regular Reiki treatments with Mary for the last two and a half years.  I suffer a chronic health condition which I have had for over ten years.  Unfortunately conventional medicine has been unable to successfully treat me.  it was at this point that I turned to alternative therapies and started to go for regular treatments with Mary.  Reiki has enabled me to relax more, sleep better and have that precious 'time out' from that mad frantic world we all live in.  This has been particularly important to me, when trying to deal with a long term pain condition.

Mary has also treated my eleven year old daughter, which had  very calming effects on her and I know that she is keen to have further reiki treatments in the future.  I believe that Reiki has great holistic benefits for the growing child/adolescent as well as adults of all ages.

I would highly recommend Mary to anyone, her intuitive and compassionate understanding of others needs, makes the Reiki experience all the more powerful and enjoyable. - Rachel

The Reiki Treatments are amazing!  That hour is over so quickly.  I am so relaxed after and have the best nights sleep. -Clare

I have had a back problem for a number of years which has involved back operations and numerous physio treatment sessions.  In the early years of 2000 a number of friends, my wife and son became involved in Reiki. I eventually succumbed to their efforts and agreed to a Reiki session, which I did with Mary Barrett.

I have had a number of visits to Mary all of which I enjoyed.  I shall also be a regular attender over future years.  The session itself is very calming (I have briefly fell asleep at all sessions) and relaxing. - Brian Pickering