Reiki One Course

Reiki One (Shoden)

This will be the beginning of your Reiki experience, opening you up to the energy.

On this course you will

·  Receive 4 Empowerments, opening you up to the Reiki energy

·  Experience energy exercises

·  Learn how to treat yourself and friends/family

·  Learn healing meditations

·  Find out about Mikao Usui’s Precepts, and the history of Reiki

Held over one and half days the cost of the course is £140.00.  Bookings must be finalised with  a deposit of £50.00.

Courses are held at Mary's house usually over a weekend.  On the Saturday please bring your own lunch but refreshments are provided throughout the day.  It is advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing.

Follow up with free share evenings where we can discuss Reiki, do meditations, and give each other Reiki.  Held once a month with limited spaces at Mary's home near Chippenham.